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CULTURE: Malta Update IV

Written by Ben Kesp

So what has been happening since my last update on the sunny island of Malta? The summer flew by extremely quickly and it was hot and more than just hot it was humid. The humidity is very high in Malta which makes it more unbearable. I do love the heat but at times I would question is there any air! In complete contrast to the humidity and colourlessness of the island, I spent three weeks in beautiful Ireland where the rich country side exuded colours of luxury greens of many shades and the air, healthy and fresh to the lungs.

I had the opportunity of seeing the Hypogeum of Malta and for those that do not know what the Hypogeum is, it is a pre-historic cave temple, the only known one in the world. It comprises of three levels carved out of rock and was good to have finally seen it after almost three months waiting. I also dined out in the beautiful Birgu and Vallettawaterfronts where many a fine restaurant sits overlooking yachts of all shapes and sizes. These atm…

HIST & MYTH: Grace O'Malley - Pirate Queen Festival 2013

Written by Ben Kesp

I did a post earlier this year on Grace O’Malley, the Irish warrior pirate queen who commanded the seas from her Kingdom in Mayo to Scotland and as far as Spain.  The woman that never shied from her enemies and who faced Queen Elizabeth I at Greenwich Palace. I had enjoyed researching this exciting historical figure, her escapades and watching the wonderful TV documentary on her life narrated by New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless
Her life has been documented by Irish historian Anne Chambers and this September will see the first ever festival of the warrior queen four hundred years after she sailed the Irish seas. The eighteenth century Westport House in Co. Mayo which stands on the foundations of one of Grace’s castles is part of the organising committee.  There are many events occurring during the weekend of the 13th to 15th of September like Yawl racing, Pirate Queen’s adventure race, seafood banquet, ale festival with traditional brewing methods and many more eve…