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CULTURE: Battle of Clontarf /Brian Ború - 1000 Years On

Written by Ben Kesp

2014 will see the 1000 year anniversary of the mighty battle that took place in Clontarf north of Dublin city in 1014 AD. I won’t go into detail on the battle as you may read about it under my two posts on King Brian Ború, High King of Ireland found on this blog. [Brian Ború - Part I & Brian Ború - Part II

Brian Ború of course is central to the Battle of Clontarf and 2014 will see events and activities celebrating the man, his life and achievements. For a brief period in history he successfully aligned the ruling royal families of the regional kingdoms to create a unitary state, while restoring the monasteries and libraries that had been plundered during the Norse attacks. He was a great a military leader and strategist with a vision for a united Ireland under one rule aligned with the church similar to the French and English systems. 
The O’Brien Family Dynasty, descendants of Brian Ború and the Dalcassians have been involved in organising events for the year. …