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CULTURE: Family Histories - Where did you come from?

Written by Ben Kesp

We are a curious race, often questioning life and where we came from. This will get us to think of our own family and who they really were? How much do you actually know of your family? From many people I speak to the answer is actually very little. How far back can you go on your family tree? Perhaps as far as your grandparents and beyond that is unknown. 

How do you begin to research your family history? People can have different approaches however I can give some beginner guidance based on my own approach and experience. You need to be a patient investigator and enjoy the countless hours of research and the fun of trying to place all the pieces of the jigsaw together. There will always be a few pieces of the puzzle that will never tie up and I truly think that no one ever fully discovers everything about their family. There will always be some skeletons in the closet that were meant to remain hidden. 

1. You must decide which line you intend to researc…

LITERATURE: What do readers like?

Written by Ben Kesp I have been giving some thought recently of what direction to take my blog posts and what people are really interested in reading about on my blog. I question have my posts on various features been too personalised on what I wish to talk about? Do I allow readers the opportunity to agree/argue with my views or are my views/opinions not strong enough? My blog posts in the majority are written on history and lesser on mythology, combined with the random personal post of how my life in Malta is progressing including the many places I visit. Should I write more about Malta? 
The question I ask my self is, should I offer my opinion or my view more? Not just state the facts of actual events. Some of my posts have no answers but can allow for a great discussion like my post on Europe’s Neolithic Boyne Valley. Today it is still a mystery as to why our early ancestors built the monuments and the uses for them along with the knowledge they possessed, or my post on Tuatha D…

LITERATURE: "The Letter" - My New E-Book

Written by Ben Kesp

Would a mysterious letter pinned to your front door alter your life considerably? What if it set in motion a chain of events leading to the discovery of a hidden underground city to search for a secret artefact that has lain hidden for almost six hundred years? An artefact that holds the truth to the origins of earth’s early civilisations which powerful organisations like the Catholic Church now wish to destroy. Would you be curious? 
Adventure and mystery set in Malta with a secret underground city, an ancient coven, a secret organisation, a historical artefact and an investigation by the Vatican. “The Letter” is a fast paced short story with interesting and mysterious characters that is about to change the life of Paul Arientus forever. 
“The Letter” is available from Smashwords in multiple e-book formats and it is FREE. I began writing the story in June 2013 as part of my storyboard project. Visitors to my blog will know that these work in progress stories are u…