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LITERATURE: 2014 Year In Review

Written by Ben Kesp

2014 has certainly been a rollercoaster in all aspects of life – personally and professionally. I have questioned my future many times this year and how to curve my life path into a new direction. I am still working on this and at times over analysis can cloud the mind and prevent insight. I am taking two weeks off for the Christmas period and a break from all things writing. 

2014 has been an amazing year in terms of my writing and I published six books this year – two short stories, book I of the Landed Estate Series and three short books in my History & Myth Series. I was honoured to feature in Indie Scribe Magazine for the November issue and you can read my feature here: Indie Scribe Magazine.  The front covered also features one of my art works.  

2014 also included two amazing trips. In July I visited the land of the ancient Greek Gods where I explored many a site; Delphi, Olympia, Sounion and the Acropolis. In November I travelled to the ancient land o…