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LITERATURE: Landed Estate Series

Written by Ben Kesp

The Landed Estate Series is a novel broken into three parts covering a period of forty years between 1787 and 1827 focussing on the life of Susanna Westby, an Irish aristocrat in 18th and 19th century Ireland. Part I called Secrets finds Susanna left with the guardianship of Point Pleasant Estate following the mysterious death of her husband in 1787. Under the stipulations of her husband’s will, her three sons are to inherit the estate on their marriages. However shortly after her husband’s death Susanna finds her self in battle with her brother over the estate and certain family secrets have been kept hidden as to her brother’s true motives. What follows is an emotional roller coaster for Susanna of fear, betrayal and love. 
Part II called Inheritance will be published shortly and finds Susanna Westby once more in emotional turmoil having to deal with family conflicts over Point Pleasant instigated by her husband’s sister and unresolved personal issues. Set in 1…

LITERATURE: Weekly Thoughts

Written by Ben Kesp

Wednesday, another week is passing the half way mark! Really, time is like it is on fast forward or is it that normal working life is squeezing the breath out of most of my days. My creative juices are eager to flow and create some art and write, yet to get a good period to sit down without the rushing thoughts of the day distracting me is a challenge. The third book of the Landed Estate Series is flowing about in my head but I will not start it for another while. Book II must be published first – soon now!
I stumbled across a website yesterday that offers so many opportunities for writing and article submissions to magazines, it really caught my interest. This only intensifies my burning desire to be able to write more. I know I speak for many who wish to follow their dreams and their passions but our society has seen to it that we need money to survive. How good the barter system would be still – or would it? However I must continue forward searching for thos…

LITERATURE: Birth of a New Year

Written by Ben Kesp
2015 has ushered in many ideas for new opportunities and change. The birth of each year always stirs positive emotions and thoughts in each of us, eager to make the New Year ahead different, more special even to bring about life changing decisions. However for many, as the month of January slips by, these great ideas and positive thoughts soon sink to the back of the mind and remain dormant for another time when they will resurface, possibly also bringing with them some regret. 

Personally I hope that I keep my current positive vibe for the New Year trying to implement change and fulfilment into my life as much as life will allow of course. I am planning a few up and coming blog posts over the next couple of months covering the Four Royal Ancient Capitals of Ireland, the Anglo Irish and one that I never got around to in 2014 is a post on the ancient European Civilisation of the Vican. I will continue to work on the Landed Estate Series and the “Guardian” which is u…