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LITERATURE: Update From Malta

Written by Ben Kesp

February is carnival time in Malta, however with the severe weather conditions that are raging over the island recently, many of the events have been cancelled. I had been looking forward to experiencing the myriad of spectacles which have been a part of Malta’s annual traditions dating back 500 years. The carnival was introduced to the Island by Grand Master Piero de Ponte in 1535. The event is held during the week leading to Ash Wednesday and includes a great spectacle of parades, competitions, parties, marching bands, masked balls, fire works and much more. The main celebrations usually take place around Valletta the capital city and Floriana which is adjoining to it. 

Otherwise things have been quiet since Christmas. It is winter time in Malta and one still sees the tourists stroll along the prom enjoying the sunshine even if it makes its appearance a little less, mixed with many showers and thunder storms. The Island is bracing it self for the general election…