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HIST & MYTH: Understanding the Dogon Culture - Part I

Written by Ben Kesp
What makes the Dogon Tribe of Mali in Africa any different for other tribes around the world? Is it due to the fact that they claim to hold ancient knowledge of a star system dating back over 5,000 years and that one of the stars has yet to be discovered? 

My interest in the Dogon came about when I discovered a possible connection with the monument of Newgrange in Ireland and the Sirius Star whom the African tribe possess so much knowledge on. I have decided to do a little further digging into the mysterious tribe to discover more. I am going to dedicate the next three posts on the Dogon with part I focussing on the tribe themselves, their lives and beliefs which will lead to early mythological origins that centres on the Sirius star, the brightest star in the night skies that became central to the earlier Egyptian calendar and with the connection to Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Egypt, from where it is stated the Dogon tribe originated from. 

What do we know of th…

LITERATURE: Myths & Legends

Written by Ben Kesp

Just a quick update on my History & Myth Series featuring the three short e-books:
Ireland’s Ancient GodsHeroes, Kings & Warrior QueensThe Celtic Irish Church
I have enjoyed researching for these e-books and investigations are always ongoing. Irish mythology and ancient history hold an avid interest for me. Excavations continuously give new light to sources of information as we discover more of our ancient heritage and culture. Irish mythology should not be confused with Celtic mythology and is often grouped under the one umbrella. 

I have compiled the three e-books into one box set with a new cover image taken from Dingle in Co. Kerry, Ireland. A beautiful, untouched landscape, mythical in nature as it has been for thousands of years. The e-books are for your enjoyment and perhaps to give you an understanding of the four great cycles in Irish literature, comprising of:

Mythological CycleFenian Cycle Ulster CycleHistorical Cycle or Cycle of the Kings 
The series…