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HIST & MYTH: Irish Deity: Dian Cécht – God of Healing

Written by Ben Kesp 

Dian Cécht - God of Healing or God of Power and Healthfor the Tuatha Dé Danann, the race of Ireland’s ancient gods, can be said from the murky visibility of Irish mythology to have been the brother to: Dagda(Father of the Gods and God of Earth),Lir(Sea God), Nuada(King of the Danann) and Ogma(Champion of the Danann).  He was the physician and healer to the Danann, saving their warriors during times of battle.  He has been accredited with many feats and his healing powers were invoked in Ireland as late as the 8th century.  Numerous cures and spells are associated with him, in addition to his gift as an oracle or foreseer. Through his first marriage, he had three children: Miach, Airmed and Étan.  On his second marriage to Danu he had a son named Cian who would later marry Ethlinn, daughter of the notorious Fomorian King, Balor.  Cian was the father of the Sun God & Storm God, Lugh - saviour of the Danann and Lugh would later father the Irish legendary hero Cu C…