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LITERATURE: The Witch of Ballyvale

Post 219. Written by Ben Kesp.

The Witch of Ballyvale Excerpt
The shouts overwhelm her. Strong hands grip her body, shoving her onto the damp sands. The same hands drag her through the cold sandy ground. She fears the oncoming waters. Placing her feet under her once more, she manages to stand, pushed forward under his force. The bitter cold water reaches her feet pulsating through her body. The strong hands push her deeper into the Atlantic waters, down into the murky depths overwhelming her senses. 

She gasps, suddenly becoming aware of her surroundings; the sweeping broom in her hand and the dust still on the floor. The loud banging on the door follows with her name. “Mags! Mags!” It is little Tommy Walsh, the blacksmith’s son. As she opens, she rests her eyes on his. 
“Quick! Bill Roche is in the town square! His cattle were poisoned last night and he says it’s Heather Rose! They are after her and she has been seen on the beach,” he splutters out of breath. 
“Return to your home. I …

HIST & MYTH: Who were the Twelve Apostles of Ireland (or Erin)?

Post 218. Written by Ben Kesp.

The twelve apostles of Ireland or Erin were a group of 6th Century monks who studied under St. Fenian (died 549 A.D.) in the monastic school of Clonard Abbey on the River Boyne in Co. Meath. Old druidic customs were incorporated into the new Christian religion of the Irish Celtic Church and the study of Latin and theology were a major part of studies. Thousands of scholars studied at Clonard Abbey and many well known names of Irish Christianity were educated there. 
The abbey at Clonard was founded in the year 520 by Saint Fenian and it is stated he was directed to the site by an angel. Following his death in the year 549, he was buried on the grounds of the abbey. Following a century of falling under different political dynasties, Clonard Abbey became the leading church in the midlands during the 9th Century, however, it did not escape being a target during the Viking raids. 
The Twelve Apostles of Ireland who studied at the abbey in its early days were…

CULTURE: The World - Reality or Fiction? Here Again!

Post 217. Written by Ben Kesp.

Two years ago I wrote a post on whether we were living in a reality or fiction and I am reposting with new additions and thoughts. I do not believe much as changed in the intervening period and still, it could be safer not to question as we might not like the answers we find. However to question is what makes us human, our curiosity for knowledge helps us to understand and to grow. 

Stop and think about all the information you read on blogs, articles, sites, books, on television etc, which is circulating out there. We really have to question the truth at times as the world seems to be a series of contradictions. There are spiritually aware people who are in tune with life’s energies and our connection with the cosmos; there are those that believe we are but one race of many in a multitude of galaxies with conspiracies and secret organisations infiltrating every sector of our society; profit focused corporations that have enslaved us to work all our lives …

LITERATURE: Friday - New Dawn

Post 216. Written by Ben Kesp.

Excerpt Friday: New Dawn Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series Book 3

Two hours earlier, Elizabeth places her mobile on the small window seat. She stares outwardly onto the vacant street. At the end of its summer season, Quesser Creek has never looked so quiet. An empty street glares back at her. The army patrol runs its regular route every twenty minutes. She knows this is the beginning of the great plan that Project God Trials are putting in place and Quesser Creek is at the centre. How have they decided? Placed a pin on the map, or was it down to its location? However they chose, the town is now under quarantine, and she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jacob got out, but she wasn’t so fortunate. Trapped like rats behind the barricades, it’s a test tube moment. The general public may not know, but she is aware the outbreak of virus H48-64 which science has labelled it, isn’t an accident. It all happened two days earlier. She muses on the tho…