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LITERATURE: Adventure in Malta

Written by Ben Kesp

Many readers have asked that I continue with the short story “The Letter”, mystery and adventure set in Malta and published in 2014. It is my intention to continue however the time is not yet right! For me this story reflects a personal journey of self discovery. Like Paul Arient who discovers a key that leads him to a hidden treasure lain deep in a lost underground city beneath Valletta, Malta for me reflects the key that helped me to discover many new and hidden parts that had lain hidden deep within me for many years. 

The second part of the story can only be written when I have moved onto the next leg of my journey. The story incorporates locations in Malta, my experiences and the characters reflect many different people I have met along the way. Like Paul Arient who is sailing off into the moonlight, I too am sailing onto the next leg of my journey. 
Book Excerpt from “The Letter” when Paul Arient first encounters the Knight in the forgotten city lying bene…

HIST & MYTH: 2nd Battle of Mag Tuired (Moytura)

Written by Ben Kesp

The cool westerly winds encircle my body and the power of the land energises my soul. Standing high on this mountain top, my feet deeply rooted in the soft grass, I survey the lush forests spread out before me. This land is the home of my people, the gods and goddesses of the Tuatha Dé Danann. It has been foretold that this land will one day be called Erin after Goddess Eriu of the Danann, by an invading dark force from the dead lands. But that time has not yet come. For now a stronger threat is ahead for the Danann, who ready themselves for a great battle against the cruel oppressors of this land, the misshapen giants of the Fomorians who are not descendants of these shores. A temporary peace treaty existed between my people and these giants after the first battle of Mag Tuired. Balor, ruler of the Fomorians gave his daughter Ethlinn to Cian son of Dean Cécht, healer of the Danann and brother to Dagda, King of the gods to honour a peace treaty. 

Peace existed unt…