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LITERATURE: Landed Estate Series - A History Behind the Story

Written by Ben Kesp

How did it all begin? The Landed Estate Series came about in 2004 when I became familiar with the Anglo Irish, having done extensive research into their lives after conducting my own family history. 

History has recorded that their golden era spanned two centuries. The Anglo Irish were descendents of the Protestant Ascendancy from the 17th century and were the ruling class up until the early 20th century Ireland. The Anglo Irish or “New English” replaced the Gaelic Lords and old English aristocracy (Hiberno Normans) as the ruling class in Ireland. Great grand houses rose up throughout the Irish country side where lavish lifestyles were enjoyed on vast estates with many exceeding twenty thousand acres. The Protestant Ascendancy came about after the Williamite Wars (1689-91) when much of the Irish land was confiscated by the British Crown and domination politically, socially and economically over Ireland fell into the hands of great landowners. Very rich landlords be…

LITERATURE: Irish Mythology – A Beginner’s Pack

Written by Ben Kesp

How personal is your writing for you? I write fiction, however my interest in ancient history and mythology especially Irish mythology has allowed me to expand my areas of writing. Since starting this blog I have written several feature blog posts on mythical, legendary and historical figures. I have amassed a lot of research notes and compiled a library of online sites that can be found under the "Literature" tab on this blog. 

By compiling blog posts, along with more detailed notes I put together three short e-books for the Irish History & Myth Series. What I created is a concise version and rather brief I must add but it’s an overview of the four cycles of early Irish literature; Mythological Cycle, Ulster Cycle, Fenian Cycle and Historical Cycle. One might say a beginner’s pack. In addition in the third book of the series, it covers the writers who first recorded Irish mythology that has given us the sources for what we have today. The writers were …

LITERATURE: Developing Characters

Written by Ben Kesp
What are your views on Character Development? How much emphasis do you put on your primary and secondary characters? 

When I began to focus more seriously on my writing in my later teens, I turned my attention to script writing and my love for its style, but more importantly I loved the concept of developing characters. My attraction was to live through their lives, understanding how they would react in different situations. I think at the time my emphasis was more on the character than on the plot line created. One of the books I loved studying during this period was a book written by Rib Davis called “Developing Characters for Script Writing”. This book forms a series of “Writing Handbooks” by different authors covering everything from writing for television, radio, newspapers, fiction, travel, freelance etc. It is a good series to have. 

From my own experiences, and you can draw from this as well, I am going to discuss a little of what is important in developin…

LITERATURE: Marketing Your Products/Services: An Introduction

Written by Ben Kesp

Marketing is a topic we hear so much about today, with the multitude of marketing companies out there each driving the point home of its importance. Yes, it is an important function and yet there are still many factors that you should consider like getting your product/service finely tuned, understanding your own abilities, your environment, setting your business type etc. The role of marketing should be integrated into each of your action steps as part of your over all business objectives from the beginning and not treated in isolation. 

Marketing is a large area and as a writer you must be able to market your work, your books etc. My plan here is to give you a brief introduction on the concept of marketing before you start. I am going to treat it from a business perspective as in a sense that is what you are once you start selling a product or providing a service. 

Marketing can often be under estimated and its importance not fully understood. It is not just about…

CULTURE: Prehistory, Natural to Modern - Part II

Written by Ben Kesp
A veil of mist falls over Ben Bulben, covering its rocky top as it sinks lower, resting gently onto Glengar Lake, mysterious and beautiful. Within seconds the mountains reappear as magic surely has a hand to play. The ancient gods certainly had magic on their side. Ben Bulben is a large rock formation that forms part of the Dartry Mountains in Sligo, North West of Ireland. This beautiful formation rises majestically out of the land expelling waterfalls that find their way down its rocky slopes. Forest walks can be enjoyed that allow you to walk parallel with Ben Bulben and Glengar Lake. The landscape is lush and breathtaking. 
Ben Bulben and the Dartry mountains formed over 320 million years ago and are also home to many legends from Irish mythology. It was the hunting ground for the Fianna warriors and in the 6th century, St. Columba battled for a copy of a Psalter he had borrowed from St. Finnian, just to mention a couple. It is an ancient mountain that hides …