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LITERATURE: Introducing Edgar Evans

Post 168. Written by Ben Kesp

Landed Estate Excerpt Part III Chapter 2 Introducing Edgar Evans 

Placing his satchel on the only table he can find in the busy tavern, he surveys the scene before him. Cigar smoke envelops the room swirling upwards forming a cloud over the heads of customers immersed in their conversations of laughter, legal talk and politics. A smile crosses his lips. He marvels at the scene before him, a place ripe for inspiration and stories. The Lane Way Tavern is a busy place situated close to the court of law and a short distance from Riverdale Town Hall where it is frequented on a daily basis by the city’s legal profession and judges. It was here two weeks ago that he first heard of a story that has captivated him so much that it has become the inspiration for his new book. He believes it will be the story to launch his career. 
Edgar Evans has long aspired to become a well known author, and his dream is not about to fade. The Riverdale Chronicle is his current s…

HIST & MYTH: Revisiting the Tuatha Dé Danann

Post 167. Written by Ben Kesp

Two years ago this summer I completed the History & Myth Collection covering Ireland’s ancient gods, its heroes, kings, queens and explored the original writers of Irish myth – the monks of the Irish Celtic Church. I had intended on delving further into the Irish gods and goddesses but only managed to cover a few so this is a project I am returning to. 
I would like to share my original post I have written on introducing the Tuatha Dé Danann, the race that would go on to become the immortal gods of the Irish Pantheon. I have added a link at the end of this post where you read further information on detailing the ancient mythological races and deities of Ireland. 
Tuatha Dé Danann
Originally written in 2013 and edited for this post. 
... as I set out to research this mysterious race, I soon discovered there is a vast amount of material written on these people by many sources. Deciphering what is fact or fiction can at times be difficult. Prior to writ…

HIST & MYTH: The Hag’s Chair – An Cailleach Bhéara

Post 166. Written by Ben Kesp

In a time when magic was feared, a power practiced by witches and sorcerers, one witch attempted a feat which resulted in her death but has left us with a remarkable landscape. In her attempt to rule over all of Ireland, she began the challenge of dropping an apron of stones on each of the Loughcrew Hills in Co. Meath, Ireland. But on the third hill she missed and fell to her death resulting in an assortment of 5,000 year old passage tombs which can be seen scattered across the hills. She was known as An Cailleach Bhéara or the Hag of Beare
The Hag of Beare is an interesting character and is embedded in folklore going back to the beginning of time. Her origins may spring from the Irish Goddess Buí (Cow – Old Irish). She was a Sovereign Goddess, an Earth Mother, a Supernatural Creator and who presides over the Irish landscape. She has also been noted for forming islands, transforming lakes into mountains and placing boulders in rivers. An Cailleac…

HIST & MYTH: Sites of Reverence

Post 165. Written by Ben Kesp

I have written many posts on our ancient sites scattered across landscapes and it got me thinking of the purpose of these sites for us today.  Granted, many people are interested in the ancient history, folklore and myth associated with these old monuments but there are many that frequent these sites for more.  They look to communicate with the ancient ancestors and tune into the sacred energies.  All of these ancient monuments were built on sites that were of importance to the ancient builders which rest over many ley lines that cross the globe. 
Even though religion and beliefs have changed there are many that still practice and believe in the old ways of the ancestors.  I believe it is about finding the peace connected to these sacred sites which help individuals to listen within.  One cannot escape hardships or difficulties in life.  We strive for answers - searching for guidance on our paths. It is part and parcel of life however knowing that there ar…