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HIST & MYTH: Sea God Lir

Post 135.   Written by Ben Kesp 

In Irish mythology we often conjure images of great heroes and gods, powerful in stature, magical and fierce protectors of the lands and its people.  The Sea God Lir is a god we associate more with the beautiful tale, The Children of Lir.  Lir is more of an ancestor figure in Irish myth and is better known as the father of the Irish Sea God Manannán mac Lir who frequently appears in Irish literature as a powerful figure. 
Following the banishment of the Tuatha Dé Danann to the otherworld having been defeated by the Milesians, it was Manannán mac Lir that hid parts of Ireland under a spell of invisibility protecting the Danann that would remain living beneath their magical palaces, hidden from view but not forgotten hence creating “The Spiritual” and “The Earthly” Ireland allowing them to remain immortal. 
In the tale of The Children of Lir, Lir was the rival of Bodb Dearg for the kingship of the Tuatha Dé Danann after their retreat into the fairy mounds…

HIST & MYTH: A Mythical Link to Ireland’s 1916 Rising

Post 134. Written by guest author Gabriel Woods. 

Bio: Gabriel is an author and life coach living in Dublin, Ireland.  He is currently publishing two books - "The Golden Age Dawns" and "The Rising 1916 - A Family Answers the Call for Ireland's Freedom". To find out more about Gabriel, check out his Amazon Page

Chúchulainn was a warrior in ancient Ireland. At the age of five he wanted to be part of King Conor`s knights. He was told by his parents he was too young. One night a travelling storyteller arrived in his home and told stories of King Conor`s knights, their skill in battle and their fearlessness. That night Chúchulainn took his hurley stick and ball (the Irish game called hurling which was revived around 1916 and now Ireland`s most popular sport) and arrived at King Conor’s castle to be greeted by a wolfhound called Culann who was guarding the castle gates. Chúchulainn killed the hound with his hurley stick during an attempt to enter the castle. He ram…

LITERATURE: The Witch of Ballyvale - Read Today!

Post 133.   Written by Ben Kesp

What do people fear? The unknown, the ruling classes, or individualism? Aged four, Mags Rose was plucked from her home that was alien to her and placed in a world where she would grow to be an individual, strong in her beliefs and values. Others fear her, wishing to dominate, and wanting her submission to the norms of society. She stands firm. 
The Witch of Ballyvale is now out and will remain FREE until the 24th of March. This is a story of individualism, where everyone has the right to believe in themselves, their values and principles without having to conform to the norms of society. Individualism can often scare people or can at times be referred to as a “free thinker” or “radical” that can often alienate a person in society. 
I hope that you enjoy this short story. Download it today from Smashwords or for more links please check out my website.
I thank you for your support and for showing an interest in my books. Until next time, take care. 

LITERATURE: The Landed Estate Novel - Author's Notes

Post 132.   Written by Ben Kesp 

This short e-book includes notes on the Landed Estate Novel, the research involved, its characters and history. Read the background of the story, set in the time of the Landed Estates and the “Big House” era in Ireland. Discover more about the Anglo Irish families, the privileged social class whose golden era spanned from the beginning of the 18th century through to the early 20th century.

This e-book is no longer available as from 09.09.16 and is now included in the Landed Estate Novel which includes all three books in the series.  Read today from Smashwords
The Landed Estate is a historical/romance novel, split into three books covering a period of forty years between 1787 and 1827 focussing on the life of Susanna Westby, an Irish aristocrat in 18th and 19th century Ireland.
Book I called Secrets finds Susanna left with the guardianship of Point Pleasant Estate following the mysterious death of her husband in 1787. Under the stipulations of her husb…