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LITERATURE: Steps in Researching for Fiction

Post 195. Written by Ben Kesp

Research is an essential part of writing. It helps create authenticity, allowing the reader to really experience the timeframe the story is set in. Even when writing fantasy, where the concept of “anything can happen”, it requires research to keep events/situations credible within aspects of the plot and characters. “Write what you know” is a great saying and it s true however it is the little things which create a setting for an environment to make it more realistic and these should be researched to ensure accuracy, even if it is speculative fiction. 
Research can transform writing from being “good” to being “amazing”, creating a “wow” experience for the reader where they can almost taste the food, experience the smells and feel like they have both feet planted physically in the scene of the story. 
The following are steps/guidelines to help with researching: 
1. Carry out research even when you know what you are writing about 
2. Research before and durin…

HIST & MYTH: Tarxien Temples - Malta

Post 194. Written by Ben Kesp

Malta, the former power base in the Mediterranean is known for its many ancient temples dating back thousands of years and unfortunately today, not much remains of these once impressive and decorated constructions. 
Situated south of the capital Valletta is a complex of ancient megalithic temples dating to 3,100 B.C. The Tarxien Temples are in fact three connected but separate temples, each built at slightly different time frames. 
The site was discovered by accident in 1914 and of what remains today, shows that the temples had highly decorated stonework. On visiting the site you will see many replicas of the original stone work, which have been moved to the archaeology museum in Valletta for protection. 
The Tarxien site was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1980. Walk through and explore this ancient site where once old rituals took place by a race of people we still know very little about. Be part of the history. 
Discover more on Ben Kesp, …

HIST & MYTH: Sanctuary of Athena - Delphi

Post 193. Written by Ben Kesp

The stunning views from standing on Delphi, Greece, next to the famous Temple of Apollo certainly makes one feel alive, staring onto the beauty of the majestic mountains and valleys below. While visiting the many sites on Delphi, one cannot miss the peaceful Sanctuary of Athena, resting only a short distance away. This is additionally, an amazing site to visit in Greece. 
Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration and law, just to mention a few of her attributes. The site contains a wonderful 4th century B.C rotunda, and three marble pillars are all that remain today following a landslide in 1905. One can imagine that this was surely a splendid domed structure. The remains of the temple and other structures on site today were built in the 4th century B.C on the grounds of an existing temple from the 7th century B.C, also dedicated to Athena. This rich site also includes traces of earlier habitation dating to the Mycenaean Period of the 1…

LITERATURE: Secrets Chapter 11

Post 192. Written by Ben Kesp

Susanna and Earl discuss the pending court case against her brother and the upcoming annual ball at Kilbrack House. 

Secrets  Chapter 11
The incident with Earl Southwell while out riding lingers in Susanna’s thoughts. What a coincidence it should happen in the same place where her husband died. The ravine needs to be sealed before any more accidents occur, especially if she decides to hold the annual hunt at Point Pleasant this coming summer. That particular area of land is used for grazing and the animals enter the ravine to drink the fresh water from a natural spring source. She will discuss the matter with Thomas Ryan and get his opinion. Taking her seat behind the large solid oak desk in what used to be her husband’s study, she surveys the room. Its two large windows measuring half the height of the wall draped with dark brown curtains overlook the valley to the rear of the house. From here, a view can be enjoyed of the estate below, a mixture of …