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HIST & MYTH: Navigating 6th century waters with St. Brendan

Post 140. Written by Ben Kesp.

The Navigator”, “The Voyager” or “The Bold”, some of the names used to describe a 6th century Irish monk who explored and discovered far oceans and lands away from his home shores in Ireland. 

Saint Brendan (b. 484 – d. 577) was Born in Co. Kerry and educated under Stain Ita for five years. He went on to become one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland (Erin) who were 6th century monks who studied under Saint Fenian of Clonard Abbey on the river Boyne in Co. Meath. Old druidic customs were incorporated into the new Christian religion, and the study of Latin and theology were a major part of studies. Thousands of scholars studied at Clonard Abbey including students from Europe. 
Following his studies Saint Brendan sailed around the Island of Ireland establishing monasteries. Clonfert monastery in Co. Galway was his most notable, established in the year 557 and continued into the 17th Century. His travels brought him to Brittany off the coast of France. …

LITERATURE: Discovering New Characters

Post 139. Written by Ben Kesp. 

What pulls you into a story? Is it the gripping story line? An interesting character that you love or even hate and are eager to discover what will happen to them? Or the combination of both. 
I have written a post previously on Character Development and the importance of building a strong character within the story. Establish where the character is at present when the reader is first introduced to them. Where is the character after coming from? What is the back story and the impact the past has on the character’s present situation. What is the personal journey the character goes on throughout the book? We all grow and evolve over time. Personal development, life lessons, emotional and spiritual growth should happen to make the character a fully rounded individual. Based on the type of story you write, it does not necessarily mean that the character’s growth will be positive. It can also be negative even to change the character and their outlook …

LITERATURE: Book Excerpt by Gabriel Woods

Post 138. Written by Guest Author Gabriel Woods.
Bio:Gabriel is an author and life coach living in Dublin, Ireland. He is currently publishing two books – “The Golden Age Dawns” and “The Rising 1916 – A Family Answers the Call for Ireland’s Freedom”. To find out more about Gabriel check out his Amazon’s Page.

Book Excerpt from The Rising 1916 – A Family Answers the Call for Ireland’s Freedom by author Gabriel Woods.
After dinner, the family said grace then stood up and they all kneeled in front of the large statue of Mary over the mantelpiece. The statue of Our Lady was two-foot tall. The statue was clean and polished. It was so well made, it looked life-like. The eyes of Our Lady were looking to heaven, her hands clasped in prayer. A blue scarf was draped over her white gown. She stood on a pair of horns representing the defeat of the devil. The mantelpiece was clean, not a speck of dirt lay near the statue. Above the statue was a black and white picture of the ‘Sacred Heart’. Jesus …

INTERVIEW: With Author Gabriel Woods

Post 137. Interviewer: Ben Kesp

BK Thank you Gabriel for taking the time out from your busy schedule to have this interview with me. Firstly can I ask, what has sparked your interest in becoming a writer? 
GW Thank you for inviting me to have this interview with you. Writing has always been a way of expressing myself. I have always “danced to the beat of a different drum”; one foot in the real world and the other foot thinking often of other worldly subjects like mythology and spirituality. I have wrote in diaries, I have a high level of education and my ability to write has always pervaded my projects in my psychology degree, my life coaching education and many other college courses I have completed. There was just a natural progression then to writing books. Frankly I have been in many types of jobs and I did not really like any of them apart from life coaching. I started getting ideas into my head over time for my novel The Golden Age Dawns. One day I decided to sit down and focu…

LITERATURE: An Ancient Mystery in Southern France

Post 136. Written by guest author Mike H 

Bio:MikeH, born in Mexico, now living in Barcelona, has an avid interest in ancient history, mythology and a longing to understand early civilisations. When he is not working, you will find him on the tennis paddle court or exploring the historic city of Barcelona while enjoying delicious Spanish tapas. 

One of the greatest mysteries in modern times can be found in southern France. In the 19th century, a poor priest becomes rich overnight and builds impressive and beautiful constructions to show his devotion to Mary Magdalene, whom the Catholic Church has refused to see as a saint. 
The small village of Rennes-le-Château has being at the centre of various legends, myths and conspiracy theories for being the location of an alleged buried treasure discovered by its priest Beranger Saunière in the old town’s church, a secret that his housekeeper and confident, Marie Dénarnaud would also take to the grave. Journalists around the world and vario…