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HIST & MYTH: Men & Women of the Celtic Irish Church

Written by Ben Kesp
Following my post on the Irish Celtic Church, a prosperous and independent church in Europe that produced incredible works of art, I want to mention some of the great men and women who helped the church flourish from the 5th to 12th centuries. 
Not everyone can be mentioned nor has history recorded the lives of every individual. Women held equal status to men and as previously written; Monks were the key players with bishops taking lesser roles unlike those of the Roman Church. 
The Twelve Apostles of Ireland (or Erin): were 6th century monastic monks who studied under St. Fenian (Died 549) in the monastic school of Clonard Abbey on the river Boyne in Co. Meath. Also known as the second order of Irish Saints. Thousands of scholars studied here and many well known names of Irish Christianity were educated at the abbey. 
Saint Ciarán of Saighir Saint Ciarán of Clonmacnoise on the Shannon, died in the year 549.Saint Brendan of Birr, County Offaly, died 29 November 571.Sa…

LITERATURE: Friday - My New E-Book

Written by Ben Kesp

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Dr. Elizabeth Bannon has been tasked to assess a patient suffering from a delusional disorder. After initial review, she soon discovers her patient holds a secret which unknown forces are striving to retain hidden. She sets out to investigate the truth and unlock the mystery concealed within her patient while questioning her own medical beliefs and future in the process. 

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I would like to thank Moira Cross for proof reading and editing.  More information can be found at her Facebook page. Moira Cross Facebook

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LITERATURE: Creative Imaginations

Written by Ben Kesp

There are moments when we must allow our imagination to explore its limitless expanse. We can easily get caught up in the same style of writing or genre, creating a safe environment to work in. Every so often writers should push out the boundaries experimenting in new writing styles. Flash fiction or short story writing is an adventurous way of trying this. 

Following are three story titles and three story openings that can help get the creative juices flowing. Try as many of the six options as you like and let your imagination build new creations. Have fun!

Short Story/Flash Fiction Titles:

1. Distant Sounds

2. Lost Soul

3. Then There Was None

Short Story/Flash Fiction Openings:

1. Resting his eyes on her naked body enveloped in the afternoon sun…..

2. Blinking flashes of light disturb the darkness of the night…….

3. The plasma ball enlarges on the screen hurtling towards his damaged ship……

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