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HIST & MYTH: Ireland's Ancient Royal Capitals

Written by Ben Kesp

You do not have to travel very far in Ireland to stumble across ancient sites from various time periods in history. Ireland is dotted with these old structures since the last ice age from the Mesolithic Period continuing through to the Neolithic, Bronze, Iron and Medieval ages. Thousands of sites lay unexcavated or undiscovered, however what is common between them, is the recurring use that was made of the sites throughout the millennia. Old Ireland had been comprised of different kingdoms ruled by various kings.  In early Irish literature, the Historical Cycle, or the Cycle of the Kings, overlaps the Ulster and Fenian cycle covering the period from 431 B.C. to the 12th century, and it explores the kings of Ireland, ending with King Brian Ború, High King of Ireland.

With so many kings there needed to be a central focus point for them to rule.  Royal families held various different levels of importance possibly based on their popularity, wealth, influence, military c…

CULTURE: The World - Reality or Fiction?

Written by Ben Kesp

At times it could be safer not to question as we might not like the answers we find, however to question is what makes us human, our curiosity for knowledge, to understand and to grow. As a writer of fiction, I create characters and place them in worlds that suit their backgrounds, but of late I question is the world I am living in more fiction than reality? I research quite a lot on topics and read through various articles, blogs, sites and books, that at times, it astonishes me as to how the writers have such knowledge of the world around us, even though as a race we struggle to understand our past. 

If all that is circulating out there is true, then the world seems to be a series of contradictions. There are spiritually aware people who are in tune with life’s energies and our connection with the cosmos, others believe we are but one race of many in a multitude of galaxies with conspiracies and secret organisations infiltrating every sector of our society and the…

LITERATURE: Your Favourite Reads

Written by Ben Kesp

Lists – nearly everyone loves lists! I remember introducing a work colleague to lists one time and at first she mocked them. However over time she came to understand their importance that today she depends on them. I am not about to give you a list of things that you should do, but rather I am going to share a list of the top 10 of my most read blog posts compiled by you the reader as you do the reading!

If you have not read these in a while, why not take some time and enjoy again. Thank you. 

#1 Tuatha Dé Danann

#2 Queen Maeve 

#3 Ireland’s Tara

#4 Ireland’s Great Houses 

#5 Knights of Malta 

#6 Ireland’s Great House Ruins

#7 Flight of the Hugeonets to Ireland

#8 King Brian Ború 

#9 Mythological races of ancient Ireland & Immortal Deities of Tuatha Dé Danann

#10 Irish Celtic Church 

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LITERATURE: Guardian - Tale of the Gods

Written by Ben Kesp
The Guardian is the third story since I began the storyboard project back in 2012. 

Blog Update 06.11.15
The Guardian Tale of the Gods has been taken off line with part 9 being its last online part. The story will now be finished and will have an expected publication date in 2016. The summary of the story so far follows.
The story opens with the reader discovering that Jonas has slain a creature not of his world and while he questions his ability of how or what has happened, a hooded stranger appears before him, claiming to be his Minder, revealing to him that the world is not as he knows it to be. A journey begins for Jonas who is led into a strange world that he soon discovers is the home of the gods or a group of people known as the Korninti who govern and maintain balance over all worlds ensuring harmony. 
But things are not what they seem within the Korninti world and soon Jonas is caught up in the internal strife and politics of these powerful, magical beings wher…

HIST & MYTH: The Vinca - the origin of civilisation?

Written by Ben Kesp

An old European culture predating ancient Sumerian origins! Perhaps the source of Southern and Western European early civilisations! Even suggested to be the founders of the oldest known writing in the world!
That is quite a lot to state in a few lines, however today we are surrounded by online news refuting our early origins of civilisation.  In fact there is so much information out there that conflicts and twists everything we had once known, that one wonders what is truth and what is fiction?  Can we even rely on factual evidence that has been presented?  If we believe in parts of what we read, many dates for early civilisations could be pushed back even further into our past.   Each year we learn something new that throws up new questions on everything we once took for granted.  Main stream history may not be as set in stone as was once written.    
The Vinca civilisation for sure has opened up a whole series of questions and its origins have been pushed back to …