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LITERATURE: A meeting between Susanna Westby and Katherine Villiers

Post 210. Written by Ben Kesp

Landed Estate Excerpt. Susanna Westby and Katherine Villiers meet after 18 years.
Acknowledging with a nod, Susanna steps forward entering the path lined with blooming roses. Reaching the arch way, she descends the stone steps moving into a small walled garden radiating in a multitude of colours from an array of flowers and shrubs. She spies Katherine’s white hat to her right where she is seated on a bench. Gathering her thoughts, she is unsure how to approach her. Hatred and envy created a wedge between them when they were younger. Does it still exist? She is not sure anymore. It has been a long time. Distant memories flood to the forefront of her mind and yet they stir the thoughts of yesterday. Continuing on the path in front of her, she reaches the wooden bench standing a short distance away facing the thick ivy covered wall in front of her. 
“It has been many years since I was in this garden. My mother would sit for hours in here. She loved it,” Susann…

LITERATURE: Mondays Book Talk

Post 209. Written by Ben Kesp
Mondays Book Talk: Series 5 
The Divinerby Joe Cassidy
An inspirational and truly motivating story this week by Irish author Joe Cassidy called The Diviner. A man with an exceptional gift and no matter how he tried to live an ordinary life, his gift and true purpose in life would push him to the brink of serious ill health until it shone through in order for Joe to fulfil his destined path. 

This is truly a remarkable read and Joe is a wonderful storyteller, often leaving me in goosebumps after reading of his encounters, working with energy and as a diviner. This is a true story of a man and his spiritual journey in life. Not only does Joe describe the ancient art of divining but also shares his experiences of working with what we don’t often see in our physical world around us. He investigates issues of stress on our landscape, homes or at ancient sites of rituals, tormented by negative energy, spirits or other worldly phenomena. 
Joe is an ordinary man, d…

HIST & MYTH: Knowth - An Ancient Site

Post 208. Written by Ben Kesp

Referred to as the Jewel of Europe’s Neolithic Period, the Boyne Valley or in Irish, Brú no Bóinne, Co. Meath, is the largest Megalithic site in Europe, dating back over five thousand years. The complex of the Boyne Valley has numerous ancient monuments and archaeological features but the jewels or often called the Cathedrals of the Neolithic period are the great monuments (tombs/temples) of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, with the three forming a triangular formation on the landscape. 
On arriving at Knowth, a sense of peace and reverence awaits you, unlike the more famous Newgrange monument which exudes its own but different presence. Knowth is peaceful as if the monument and the past it hides are slumbering, keeping its secrets buried and safe. Surrounding the great mound at Knowth are eighteen smaller mounds similar in nature. The massive mound contains two passages ending at two internal chambers. The western passage is 34 metres and the eastern passage …

LITERATURE: Mondays Book Talk

Post 207. Written by Ben Kesp
Mondays Book Talk: Series 5 
King Solomon’s Minesby Henry Rider Haggard
King Solomon’s Mines is a beautiful fable for this Mondays Book Talk. It is one of Henry Rider Haggard's greatest works and was first published in 1885. Many of his works are fables which viewed native people as primitive and in need of salvation in contrast to white Europeans who were superior to other humans. It was Haggard’s experience in a wild and uncharted Africa that gave the backdrop to King Solomon’s Mines. 

This adventure story is set in Africa and follows Allan Quartermain, an elephant hunter and his companions as they cross mountains and deserts in search for the hidden treasures of the biblical King Solomon. They eventually arrived in a place called Kukuanaland, which is ruled by a dictatorial King. Quartermain and his companions become caught up in tribal war, endure fierce hardships and finally must confront the evil witch Gagool who knows the secrets to the hidden tre…

HIST & MYTH: St. Patrick - The Man & The Stories

Post 206. Written by Ben Kesp

Most people in the world have heard of St. Patrick, who is synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland’s national saint celebrated globally. Buildings, landmarks and even rivers turn green for the day celebrating everything that is Irish. 

St. Patrick is often accredited with bringing Christianity to Ireland and banishing the metaphorical snakes or paganism from the country. However, there are so many questions around St. Patrick and his role. Much of it is myth and legend. But to say he brought Christianity to Ireland is probably not correct as Christianity was already in practice prior to his arrival around the year 432 A.D., and there also appears to be very little documented evidence about Patrick’s time in Ireland. 
Originally, Christianity may have spread to Ireland’s shores from Europe as it became the principal religion of the Roman Empire and developed into the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Church had already sent a bishop to Ireland prior to Pa…

LITERATURE: Mondays Book Talk

Post 205. 
Mondays Book Talk: Series 5 
Guest Talk by MikeH 
The Sourceby Michael Cordy 
While browsing one day at my local book store, I happened to catch sight of The Source, an adventure thriller by author Michael Cordy. Born in Accra, the capital of Ghana, he spent much of his childhood between West and East Africa, India and Cyprus. Often criticized for “imitating” Dan Brown’s work, Cordy actually started his career as a writer before Brown: the proof, his first novel “The Miracle Strain” was published in 1997. 

The Source combines adventure and action with constant themes of science versus religion, and Man's quest to understand the past and the mystery of our existence. The slow start really sets the scene and introduces the characters so you can become familiar with them and their motives before the action begins.
The story is based on the Voynich Manuscript, a real document which is thought to have been written between 1450 and 1520 and remains undeciphered to this day despit…

HIST & MYTH: Poseidon's Temple – Sounion

Post 204. Written by Ben Kesp

There are certain moments in life which will linger in your memory. One of those moments for me was sitting at Poseidon’s Temple at Sounion, Greece to watch the sun retreat below the horizon of the Aegean Sea on a beautiful warm July evening. 

The ruin of the temple we see today was built during the 5th century B.C and was dedicated to Poseidon, Greek god of the sea and brother to Zeus and Hades. The current ruin stands over an earlier temple whose foundations you can still see. The site itself can be traced to the Bronze Age. Only thirteen of the Doric Style marble pillars of the temple survive today. Four of the north columns were reconstructed in the 1950s. 
The location of the temple is on an amazing site of Cape Sounion overlooking the sea on three sides. What is more amazing and popular with visitors is to be there for the setting of the sun over the Aegean Sea. In Greek Mythology, the Aegean Sea was given its name after Aegeus, King of Athens. King …

LITERATURE: Mondays Book Talk

Post 203. 
Mondays Book Talk: Series 5 
Guest Talk by Victoria Libby 
Julia’s Chocolatesby Cathy Lamb 
I finished reading Julia's Chocolates by Cathy Lamb last night. It's been one of the best reads in awhile, especially for finding a book at the Doctors office, book exchange table. You don't find something you really like, a lot, on a freebie table. But then again this was a perfect place to find such a book. Julia's Chocolates is a book of healing, facing fears, growing, learning and developing wonderful friendships. 

I found I really connected with people, especially Julia and Aunt Lydia. I recognise pieces of myself in them. It felt like they could be my neighbors/friends. This is the story of Julia and her struggle of being raised by a mother who was abusive mentally/emotionally and let her low life boyfriends physically abuse Julia. There were other people along Julia’s childhood path that did their best to give help/support, which really helped in the end. 
As an a…

LITERATURE: March E-Book Sale!!

Post 202. Written by Ben Kesp. 


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Have a great week of re…