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HIST & MYTH: Returning to a Secret Treasure

Post 164. Guest Post by MikeH

Bio:MikeH, born in Mexico, now living in Barcelona, has an avid interest in ancient history, mythology and a longing to understand early civilisations. When he is not working, you will find him on the tennis paddle court or exploring the historic city of Barcelona while enjoying delicious Spanish tapas. 

My personal experience with the Basilica of Saints Justus and Pastor has been so fascinating that I decided to go back and take the official tour in an attempt to delve into the history of this temple. In my first post I referred to the church as the “hidden treasure in the heart of Barcelona” and as I write down these lines, I can affirm without doubt that this magnificent building really deserves the title. 
During my return visit I had the opportunity to explore the remains of the Episcopal Complex which comprises of some Roman structures dating from the 1st century; a Baptismal Font from the 6th century; the Holy Sacrament Chapel and with its colorfu…

LITERATURE: Introducing Sebastian Westby & Jane Burton

Post 163. Written by Ben Kesp

Landed Estate Excerpt Part II Chapter 3 Introducing Sebastian Westby & Jane Burton 

The horse’s breathing grows deeper from galloping in the hot summer heat. Approaching a cluster of mature ash trees, it welcomes the shade as its rider slows to a canter, entering the coolness of the low hanging branches. Sebastian Westby dismounts from the grey stallion, wrapping the reins around a protruding branch. As he crouches low, a smile crosses his lips. He knows she is nearby waiting for him, wanting to surprise him. Slowly creeping by the hedge row leading from the trees, he spies her large bright yellow hat. Falling to his knees, he carefully crawls to an opening. Peering out between the hedge rows, his eyes fall onto the landscape in front of him shimmering in summer heat. The large mature trees surrounding the West House are clouded in the haze of the sun. The West House would one day soon be his after his pending marriage set out by his father’s w…

LITERATURE: An Introduction to Earl Southwell

Post 162. Written by Ben Kesp

Landed Estate Excerpt Part I: Chapter 8  The introduction of Earl Southwell 

Sitting on top of his large black stallion, the cool spring breeze caresses his face. From his high viewpoint on a circular hill, he casts his gaze over the expanse of Oakwood Estate. The turrets of Oakwood Castle protrude upwards from the mass of mature trees encircling the building. It lies in the centre of the estate next to a large lake that is home to an abundant population of wild ducks and swans. The estate is vast, split between grasslands and mature woodlands developed and designed for hunting. The sound of the bugle breaks the morning silence and he moves his eyes in the direction of the sounds. The dogs have been quiet. Their barks and yelps rise again with the bugle and their excitement spreads out across the land. His stallion paws the ground and shakes its head knowing it is time to rejoin the hunt. Pulling on the reigns, he turns the animal and allows it to…

LITERATURE: Friday - Project God Trials

Post 161. Written by Ben Kesp

The second instalment of the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series out now!

ISBN: 9781310591358
Dr. Elizabeth Bannon returns with her former patient Jacob Fontain to continue investigating the secret goings-on at Quesser Creek. She teams up with Markus of the Order of the Secundo Aurora and Abbot Fernando of the Massomite Order of Monks to discover more on Project God Trials, a secret agency operating in undersea bunkers. Elizabeth discovers more than she ever thought possible.
At the end of book 1, we left Dr. Elizabeth Bannon with an uncertain future. She was marched out of Claremont Hospital, her employment ended, perhaps even her career. She believes her patient Jacob Fontain and they both intend on fighting the injustices handed out by Claremont and other unseen forces. Why not catch up on the first instalment which is FREE and is also currently being uploaded weekly to Wattpad

Learn more about the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series and be prepared for the third …

LITERATURE: Landed Estate Series

Post 160. Written by Ben Kesp 

“Secrets is an eloquently written tale of the landed aristocracy in Ireland" Smashwords 
“This historical romance set in Ireland was nicely written with believable characters" Goodreads 
“It is an insightful and critically informed view from the Anglo-Irish perspective that demonstrates the land struggles that took place within families"  Smashwords 
“As a non-Irish reader, I could visualise the beautiful and lush Irish landscape which is presented so vividly" Smashwords 
“It transports the reader to another era, swept up in the social norms and fashion of the time”  Smashwords 

Susanna Westby of the Landed Estate Series gets a new home on the Ben Kesp Website. The purpose of the page is to showcase at a glance the book covers, retailers, reviews, trailer along with history behind the story. The series is comprised of Secrets, Inheritance,A Time Forgotten and Author’s Notes. You will have the option shortly to download: 
Character Sheets of


Post 159. Written by Ben Kesp

01 to 31 July 2016 OFFER
That time of year again and depending on where you live in the world, what better way to get entertained whether on the beach, by a pool or snuggled up in front of a roaring fire is to have a good story to read. For the month of July only, Smashwords Summer/Winter sale promotion provides readers huge discounts on e-books from thousands of Smashwords authors. Coupons are given based on 25%, 50% and 75% off and even better – FREE e-books! 
I am participating this year with the following e-books: 

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