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CULTURE: The Three Wise Men like no where else...

Post 192.  Written by Ben Kesp
2016 is almost at an end and for many the celebration of the Three Wise Men or Los Reyes Magos in most Spanish speaking countries will happen on the 6th of January. The following blog post link is an opportunity to revisit an earlier guest post by MikeH informing us of the history behind the Los Reyes Magos and how the celebrations are enjoyed in Mexico. 

HIST & MYTH: The Three Wise Men like no where else

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LITERATURE: 2016 Year in Review

Post 191. Written by Ben Kesp

The end of another calendar year draws to a close and a time of reflection for my annual review. 2016 has by far been one of the busiest in all aspects of my life with new experiences, wonderful adventures and the meeting of amazing and interesting people. 
Top 10 reading lists from the Literature/History/Myth Blog and from Niume – the community driven blogging platform. Thanks for all your support and to contributors, whose posts also made it into the top 10. 

Top 10 Most Read Literature/History/Myth Blog Posts
Top 10 Most Read Niume Posts (Ben Kesp Posts only) 1 Tuatha Dé Danann 1 Aos Sí – An Ancient Race 2 Ghostly happenings at Vilhena Palace - Malta 2 Ireland’s Tara 3 Queen Maeve of Connaught 3 Cave of the Cats – Gateway to Hell

LITERATURE: Letting go of a Character

Post 190. Written by Ben Kesp 

Letting go of a character – a short sentence which is easy to write however relating it to a character or world which a writer has created is not very easy at all. In fact it can be quite difficult and emotional. Writers create wonderful worlds, scenes and characters and to have to delete or remove any of these is difficult. It is a process of letting go. To say goodbye to a main character in a story is never easy, having invested time in developing and being that character. The decision to let a character go will only come after much deliberation taking into account the impact the removal has on the rest of the story. 
I have always found saying goodbye to a character difficult. Many times I will refuse to have a death associated with a main character or to a character which I favour. I lean towards leaving the door open for the possible return of that character at a later stage. Even if the character is never to return, it gives a life to the ch…

HIST & MYTH: One City - Two Cathedrals Part II: St. Patricks

Post 189.

Guest Post by MikeH

I was so impressed by Dublin’s rich heritage and culture, my attention was grabbed by the very fact that it has two magnificent cathedrals; both located a short walking distance from each other in the heart of the city. This is my follow-on post on the city’s other Cathedral, Saint Patrick’s
Like Christ Church, St. Patrick’s is rich in architectural design with a vibrant history. My experience inside was amazing and on first entering what struck me the most was the mass of colours all around and the abundance of monuments instead of Saints. It is a place where I could spend hours exploring, reading, learning and soaking up this new atmosphere within a protestant Church. 
In this post I hope to cover the main aspects of the Cathedral, and as with Christ Church, it is impossible to include nearly one thousand years of historical facts and details.

Historical Background
Ireland's largest church is St Patrick's Cathedral, built between 1191 and 1270. …

HIST & MYTH: Brigit’s Garden – Exploring the Celtic Seasons

Post 188. Written by Ben Kesp. 

Located on the western edge of Ireland, in County Galway, is a uniquely beautiful garden dedicated to the four Celtic seasons of the year. What is spectacular about this garden, which covers an area of eleven acres, is its natural look and feel. Native woodland and meadows are the setting for this wonderful place, bringing the visitor in touch with nature. 
The award winning garden takes you on a journey to the heart of Irish Celtic heritage and mythology. Each of the four seasons; Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasa and Samhain are represented in artistically beautiful form, taking the visitor through the cycle of life from birth to death. Located at the centre of the Celtic gardens is the Round House with views onto each of the four seasons. 
In addition to the seasonal cycles, Brigit’s garden contains a nature trail with many interesting features; a Crannóg, Stone Chamber, Fairy Fort, Forest Walk, Dream Shelter, Dawn Seat and more. The garden would not …