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CULTURE: Island of Gozo

Written by Ben Kesp
I welcomed the chance of spending some time in Gozo the neighbouring island to the North of Malta. Gozo is the second largest island of the Maltese archipelago and has a population of just over 31,000 inhabitants, called Gozitans. 
Regular ferry boats travel between Gozo and Malta and it only takes about twenty minutes to complete the journey. As soon as I arrived in Gozo I could instantly feel the difference between the two islands. It oozed with a relaxing and calming energy, revealing a much slower pace of life. It has a less dense population, more scenic rural green landscapes, rugged rock coast lines added with fresher air and it certainly has a charm about it. 

Gozo first became inhabited about 5,000 BC and like its neighbouring island of Malta, has a rich history of occupation over the centuries. It contains early prehistoric temples, many churches – 46 in total and the famous Azure window – a natural sea arch that has been used as a film location for many…

CULTURE: Malta's Fine Cities - Mdina

Written by Ben Kesp
Palaces, atmospheric streets, history and baroque architecture all await you in the Mediterranean! 
Malta, a former power base in the middle of the Mediterranean, fought over for years is historic, but Mdina, its former capital, the jewel of the island is even more historic. This uniquely beautiful city sits high over looking the island on all sides. Dating back thousands of years, it is immersed in history. Originally the capital of Malta during the Arab occupation, it has had different names over the centuries depending on its rulers. One of its many names was “Citta Notabile” which means the Noble City and it best sums it up. Its narrow streets are lined with beautiful palaces of Malta’s noble families who made Mdina their home from the 12th century. 
Mdina is a fine example of a walled city with impressive mixture of architecture to include medieval and baroque with an imposing and elegant city gate entrance. It is truly a great experience to roam the narro…