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CULTURE: The Research behind "Man's Feat at the Tower of Babel"

Post 260.

Guest Post by Johnny Abraham 
IntroA lot of mystery surrounds the Tower of Babel, whose sunken foundation has never been found. The Bible itself reveals very little. What caused the Confoundment? What was our sin? And what in the hell were we up to? What I found was proof of an ascent. What I fear is that we went too far. But what I hope, while we must remain humbled, is that we unearth at least some of the truth.
SummaryMan’s original place on this planet was the Garden of Eden. There he lived in the presence of God. It was paradise for him, his room and board completely taken care of, and he knew not of sin or death. Everything was going well between the Creator and the created, but a ghost from the past slithered in to tempt him.

Man succumbed to said temptation, and now unfit for it, was escorted out of said garden. He no longer lived in the presence of God, but rather his pain, out in the wilderness. The game had changed forever, and man was prevented from going back in.
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CULTURE: Man's Feat at the Tower of Babel

Post 259.
Guest Post by Johnny Abraham
“You said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit on the mount of assembly on the heights of Zaphon;  I will ascend to the tops of the clouds, I will make myself like the Most High.’  But you are brought down to Sheol, to the depths of the Pit.” (Isaiah, 14:12).
I set about to study the Tower of Babel as a believer, curious to discover the truth, wanting to understand what had happened. What I found, however, about what man had accomplished, from the accounts that I´ve read in the ancient texts, while it amazes me, has only served to perplex me deeply. And I realize now, I´ll probably spend a lifetime pondering on a scientific explanation for the way we did what we did in Babylon, but my thirst for that particular piece of knowledge will probably never be quenched. And I´m willing to bet that God wouldn´t have it any other way.
The conclusion that I´m prepared to share with you, in fact, wi…

LITERATURE: Part II - Ohana 2

Post 258. 

Guest Post by T. Ponder
"Temperature of art" written and edited by T. Ponder; this Post is part Two - Short Stories from "Temperature of art" that touches on many topics of Fashion and Creativity. 
"Ohana 2"
Clyde, Kimono, and Jimmy moved to a new apartment on the other side of Town. Lucy became a lost memory to the Family of three, not only because of her own negativity; but the kid Jimmy kept smiles on the faces of his family and friends. Sometimes without trying and sometimes on purpose with his overly active fun behavior. The area Clyde decided wasn't the best or the times it would have its eerie feeling like any other Town with rustic trees and few drug addicts.
Kimono stormed into the Apartment after getting out of her boyfriend's car. Jimmy was in the living-room watching a movie eating Popcorn and drinking soda. He noticed the facial expression on his sister and started to tease her by throwing pieces of Popcorn at her…

LITERATURE: Part I – Ohana 1

Post 257.

Guest Post by T. Ponder
"Temperature of art" written and edited by T. Ponder; this Post is part One of Two - Short Stories from "Temperature of art" that touches on many topic of Fashion and Creativity. 

"Ohana 1"

Drugs made Kimono’s mother a living nightmare, she portrayed her complete lack of mother-instinct the day she left Kimono.

Lily: (shouted) “I’m upstairs Clyde!”
Clyde arrived in the doorway of the luxurious bathroom and stares at his
sister like she was his biggest enemy ever.
Clyde: “Why would you leave the front door open.... stupid!?”
Lily: “I was in a rush, plus I knew you would be here soon”
Clyde: “You should’ve bathed her if you knew I was on my way....Matter of
fact, stop what your doing, give me a towel, and you go shut the front door!”
Lily was shocked and intimidated. She hands Clyde the baby, gives him a
towel, and walked out of the bathroom.
Clyde wiped soap-suds off of Kimono and kissed the top of her soft, frail,

Clyde arrived…

LITERATURE: Collection of Poems from T.Ponder

Post 256. 
Guest Post by T. Ponder

Metaphore Like the attire, of Sade in her prime.
Love I see across the Sea Calm and collective She shines from within With a Jewel near the eye, As I watched from far.
Snowfall in the Summer  There is a pain that exists Like no choice of cloth in Winter, in a world full of Fashion that wants to change faster than Seasons. 
inTriCate Flowers flower without showers; On the new design....sleepy vapors doesn't realize The pillow it brings to its surrounding. 
The Cloth Clash The newest Skirt and Shirt, The oldest seat outside near the street, things that are free sometimes comes cheap....besides getting dirty from that one spot you sat at; same with me. 
Panoramic Love Tide of my eyelids swallows my vision, while thoughts become weightless, the void of her has great precision....I shall remain stainless
Inside and outside True love is reverse-able, With moments that confide Every touch is not rehearsable
Air of despair is unaware Our clarity is crystal A t…


Irish Country Houses #4 Post 255. Written by Ben Kesp

Carton Estate located west of Dublin in Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland spans eight centuries and for two hundred years, Carton House was the finest example of Georgian parklands in Ireland. Built in the 17th century, the current Carton House was the ancestral seat of the Earls of Kildare and its estate exceeded over one thousand acres. 
Spanning eight centuries, the Carton Estate was first owned by Maurice Fitzgerald of the Fitzgerald Family in 1170. His son became Baron Offaly in 1205 and it was his descendent who became Earl of Kildare in 1315. The Fitzgerald Family became a powerful family and influential rulers of Ireland between 1477 and 1513. In 1739 the existing house was built by Richard Cassels, also responsible for building grand houses like Powerscourt, Summerhill House, Westport House and Leinster House. In 1815 the 3rd Duke at Carton had the house remodelled and enlarged as it became his principal residence after sellin…

LITERATURE: Spirits of Fog 3

Post 254.
Guest Post by T. Ponder
PART 3 of my series features a place I've grown fond of in Asia named Hualien. "Spirits of fog 3Written and Edited by T. Ponder
The hollowness of the sea through windows of Stella and Josh’s house was like a ghost as is…. Josh woke up in a sweat puddle and urged Stella awake. His thin arms had broken-out with welts that looked like horrendous Spider-bites. Stella turned on the light nearest Josh and stood over him like she was his doctor. Stella yelled as she viewed the unnatural sight on her husband Josh’s arms. Although the bites were new, they appeared old, worn-in, and disease-like. Josh got convinced to turn himself into the local doctor by his wife Stella. The time was 1:00am when Stella and Josh arrived at the local hospital. The couple waited a few minutes, then were escorted to see the doctor. 
Doctor Vlad: “I’ve never seen anything like this! Where have you been Josh?” Josh: “Nowhere!....well, I was in the forest about one month ag…