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HIST & MYTH: Irish Deities and Ancient Mythological Races of Ireland

Written by Ben Kesp Completing a summary of Irish Mythology is a complex and difficult task with a vast amount of literature that by its contradictory nature only adds to the confusion. Irish myth is unusual in comparison to other myths as it has no creation myth - things just were and Ireland always existed, shaped over time by different invaders. 
My first post on the Tuatha Dé Danann only scraped the surface where I tried to focus on who were the real settlers in Ireland prior to the arrival of the Celts in 500BC. The missing link that connects Ireland’s ancient races gets lost in the rich abundance of material there is in Irish Mythology. We do know from facts that the earliest known evidence of habitation in Ireland begins around 8,000 BC after the last Ice age when the country had been an arctic wasteland. 
I am going to attempt a summary of events through Irish mythology of who the ancient settlers were leading to the immortal Irish deities that were known as Tuatha Dé Danann or…

LITERATURE: Summer Sale of e-books at Smashwords

Written by Ben Kesp

Summer time has arrived and even winter depending on where you live in the world and what better way to get entertained whether on the beach, by a pool or snuggled up in front of a roaring fire is by having a good story to read. For the month of July only, Smashwords Summer/Winter sale promotion provides readers huge discounts on e-books from thousands of Smashwords authors. Coupons are given based on 25%, 50% and 75% off and even better – FREE e-books. 

I am participating with 2 short stories:

Friday – Link to Friday - Book Ref 439646
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Dr. Elizabeth Bannon has been tasked to assess a patient suffering from a delusional disorder. After initial review, she soon discovers her patient holds a secret which unknown forces are striving to retain hidden. She sets out to investigate the truth and unlock the mystery concealed within her patient while questioning her own medical beliefs and future in the process
The Letter – Link to The Letter - Boo…