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LITERATURE: Heavenly Skies

Post 149. Guest Poem. 
Heavenly Skies 
Sunset- a fiery day glides away 
The good night gently taking over 
A peaceful nocturnal universe where 
Dreamers dream their hopeful dreams 

Sunrise- magnificent break of dawn 
A thousand shiny colors on fresh dew 
The earth’s ecstatic heart beating & 
Dreamers wake from hopeful dreams


Arise! My Love 
A brand new day is born 
Descend your heavenly skies 
Reigning over your Soul Kingdom 

Your Immortal Flame 
Your Burning Passion 
Your Bold Desires & 
Your Love for Life 

If you could see yourself as I see you 
See yourself thru my falcon eyes 
Look how you shine 
Like an Angel- made of Liquid Light 

And I embrace you lovingly 
w/ my blessed & blissful heart 

You are home

By Dennis

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Post 148. Written by Ben Kesp

Wantedby Nick Stephenson A Leopold Blake Thriller

I signed up for a promotional offer and in return received a free e-book called Wanted by Nick Stephenson. It is the first book in the Leopold Blake thriller series
Stephenson was born in Cambridge, England and is a mystery fiction author and novelist. His approach to writing is as he states on his website; to hit hard, hit fast and leave as few spelling mistakes as possible. In addition to the Leopold Blake thrillers he writes mystery and suspense novels. 
Wanted revolves around Leopold Blake who lives off his inheritance from his parents who were mysteriously killed. He has been sent to Paris to investigate the security of the Louvre following the disappearance of a priceless work of art. From here the story takes off with Blake having to go on the run from the French Police and for his life from a trained assassin. He is joined by his friend Mary, a police woman from New York and Sophie a new acquai…

HIST & MYTH: The Legendary Cuchulainn

Post 147. Written by Guest Author Gabriel Woods. 

Gabriel Woods is author of the popular book Easter Rising 1916 A Family Answers The Call For Ireland`s Freedom. The book has achieved high rankings in Amazon. The book is Free with Kindle membership. Visit Gabrial Woods: Amazon

Cuchulainn was an Irish folklore hero. He was born to human parents but his true father was Lugh, the Celtic Sun God who sent him to Ireland. His original name was Setanta but when he was a boy he killed the king`s gaurd dog. The hero was charged with defending his king and his knights against powerful druids and a powerful and cunning enemy Queen Meave. The king named him Cuchulainn as the dogs name was Hound of Cuchulainn. He was known for killing his enemies single handedly, sometimes up to a hundred warriors in battle at a time. Being the son of the Celtic Sun God he battled against the power of druids fearlessly and was victorious over them.
Queen Meave was one of his most formidable enemies. They cl…

LITERATURE: Mondays Book Talk

Post 146. Written by Ben Kesp
Enlightenment Part 0by D. Alan Holmes 
Every so often a book comes along that makes you think and question for a moment the life we exist in and what is this world we are living in. This amazing little book was given to me by a friend and is gripping from start to finish. 

Enlightenment Part 0 is a hand book on illusion written by D. Alan Holmes, author, philosopher and adventurer. We all find times in our lives when we question our paths, question what life is about or what would life be like if things were different. By reading this book it will open your mind and your imagination to endless possibilities that are within your control. Life as we see it today is an illusion created by us and our imagination and our thoughts can alter at will. 
This is a true story set in the 70s, so it states in the opening page, about Alana Taylor and how she reunites with her eternal partner Talawanda. Alana Taylor has not been heard or seen of since 21st July 1981. …

LITERATURE: A Life's Moment

Post 145. Written by Ben Kesp.
Copyright © 2015 Ben Kesp

Placing himself on the ledge overlooking the city sparkle in the summer sun, he opens the ice pop. Enveloping his lips around it, he bites. The cold orange flavour swirls in his mouth awakening his senses. The clatter of the roof top door opening takes him away from the moment. He eyes a middle aged man exiting and moving towards the edge of the building. Dressed in a navy pinstriped suit, the man is oblivious to him, focusing his attention on the ground below. 
“Do you intend to jump?” he asks, taking another bite of his ice pop soaking up its flavours. 
“What!?” the man jumps taken by surprise to face the unknown presence. 
“Do you intend to jump?”
“What’s it to you?”
“I’m just asking.”
“What the hell are you doing up here on the roof?”
“Having an ice pop and getting some space. You wouldn’t believe who I am after meeting. To call her crazy would be mild; but she saw the light before I left.”
“What are you talking about?”

LITERATURE: Mondays Book Talk

Post 144. Guest talk by MikeH

Apocalypseby Eric Giacometti & Jacques Ravenne 

Eric Giacometti, journalist, and Jacques Ravenne, high-degree Freemason and literary critic, transformed a life-long friendship into a bestselling creative adventure with their Antoine Marcas thriller series. This French Freemason detective is the hero in Apocalypse. In this new journey, Marcas is taken from Paris to Jerusalem and finally to Rennes-le-Château, where the story should end. 
Released in 2009, this electrifying thriller combines fiction, Freemasonry, conspiracy, multiple assassinations and the struggle of the Judas Society, a secret organisation who are trying to destroy a millenary secret which can alter the course of history forever. 
Apocalypse is an exciting thriller proposing an alternative theory to the mystery of Rennes-le-Château, perfect for conspiracy lovers. The story is very easy and pleasant to read and the style is very descriptive, although one can be confused during the first c…

HIST & MYTH: A path through Europe with Saint Columbanus

Post 143. Written by Ben Kesp. 

He was one of the many Irish monks that pushed the boundaries of the Irish Church into Europe spreading its teachings based on and intertwined with its former Irish Celtic culture. The Irish Church had become known across Europe for its simplicity of life, scholarly pursuits, artistic expression, deep spirituality and love of nature.
Born in the Kingdom of Meath in 543, Columbanus studied under Sinell, Abbot of Cluaninis in Lough Erne. From Meath, Saint Columbanus moved to Bangor Abbey and remained there until he began his travels to the European continent. He spent twenty years in France and established many monasteries, most notably the Luxeuil Abbey
In France, he gathered a huge following but he had conflict with the French bishops who feared his influence. Columbanus defended his position and Celtic customs strongly with the bishops and continued by sending three letters to the Pope. In addition to speaking out against the Roman Church, Columban…

LITERATURE: Mondays Book Talk

Post 142. Written by Ben Kesp 

Cathedral of the Sea by Ildefonso Falcones
Series 3 of Mondays Book Talk begins with an epic story set in 14th century Barcelona when Catalonia was the powerhouse of the Western Mediterranean, at the height of its maritime and mercantile supremacy with its merchant ships sailing wide and far to Alexandria. 

To discuss this book in a post would not do it justice. It chronicles the reign of King Pedro III, the building of Santa Maria del Mar, the building of the elegant mansions in Barcelona’s Carrer Montcada, the expansion of its money houses and overseas merchant offices. It deals with the divides between rich and poor, plague, mistreatment of women, poverty, death, relationships, religion, the suffering Jews and the heavy hand of the Catholic Church through the inquisition. 
Ildefonso Falcones’s Cathedral of the Sea is a historical thriller published in 2006 and raised the author to the international stage. He has since published La mano de Fátima (…

HIST & MYTH: Irish Heroes of Mexico

Post 141. Written by guest author Mike H

Bio: MikeH, born in Mexico, now living in Barcelona, has an avid interest in ancient history, mythology and a longing to understand early civilisations. When he is not working, you will find him on the tennis paddle court or exploring the historic city of Barcelona while enjoying delicious Spanish tapas. 

Mexico and Ireland, two countries split by distance and different languages, but united by strong historical links dating from the 17th century. We as Mexican citizens share part of our history with our Irish brothers and sisters! 
Having an interest in history, I decided to explore the historical and cultural links between Mexico and Ireland. As I was conducting online research, I stumbled across a really nice interview from 2015 by Sonja Hyland, the Irish Ambassador to Mexico. In this interview, she spoke about the strong historical and cultural links between Mexico and Ireland. 
The leading connection between both countries is the “Saint…