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HIST & MYTH: Cave of the Cats & Tlachtga

Continuing from my last blog post of my recent trip to Ireland I also had the great experience of visiting the Rathcroghan archaeological complex in County Roscommon (4,000 B.C to 2,500 B.C). This site records and explains all the phases of mankind from the early farmers through to today. There are many monuments, none of which have been excavated that only add to the mystery of what lies beneath the earth fully intact with thousands of years. One of the main monuments on the site that is almost similar in size to the monument of Newgrange is the Rathcroghan Mound, the home of the warrior Queen Maeve and where the story of Táin Bó Cúailnge (The Brown Bull) begins and ends. The day was raining however it did not deter and standing on top of the large mound the view before me stretched for miles in all directions. Archaeologists believe that oak pathways were built connecting many of these monuments together within the landscape and lit fires could be seen from the Hill of Tara, hig…

HIST & MYTH: Tara & The Boyne Valley

Written by Ben Kesp 

I have recently returned from a short trip to Ireland and had the fortunate experience of visiting the ancient sites of Tara and the Boyne Valley. You can read my previous blog posts on both Taraand the Boyne valley, in addition  you can discover more on my History & Myth Collection.  

Going back to the Boyne Valley was a great experience and it never fails to amaze that these structures were built over five thousand years ago and I get to follow the path of our ancient ancestors. Newgrange was radiant on the day I visited it, its white quartz exterior gleaming and the sun dancing off its rich green roof and the land shone bright exposing a wonderful country side. Knowth was currently closed, its sister and larger site due to ongoing excavation work. 

The previous day I had set out for the Boyne Valley and ended up coming across Tara instead. I had never been to Tara and was amazed at the sheer size of the complex. It was a day that the sun remained hidden ho…