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LITERATURE: Character Types within Writing

Post 187. Written by Ben Kesp

The fusion of character types can excite, entertain and transform writing. Continuing from my post on Character Development which you can read here, I wish to continue on the subject of character types within plot and story. Previously I have written about what makes a well rounded main character (Protagonist), a character that the reader can relate to, exposing the reader’s first encounter with the character including the importance of the back story and how the character grows throughout the story as we do ourselves in life. 
Story, Discourse & Plot
There can be different variables driving a story but firstly let us have a look at the difference between a plot and a story which our characters find themselves a part of. Edward Morgan Forrester, (E M Forester) English novelist, short story writer and essayist in his Aspects of a Novel (1927) defines that “stories are events that happen in chorological order and the plot is the casual and logical str…

HIST & MYTH: Exploring Ireland's Ancient Tombs

Post 186. Written by Ben Kesp 

A new period of Ireland’s ancient past has recently been discovered pushing human inhabitation back some 12,500 thousand years ago. Up until recently the earliest known inhabitation since the last ice age was on a site at Mount Sandel in Co. Derry dating to 8,000 B.C. (Mesolithic Period). New radio carbon dating of a brown bear bone originally discovered in Co. Clare now pushes the inhabitation of Ireland by humans back 2,500 thousand years into the Palaeolithic Period of 10,500 B.C. Archaeologists have been searching for years to discover Ireland’s Palaeolithic period and now they have discovered the first clue to its existence. This is an exciting discovery and archaeologists will continue searching to uncover more of Ireland’s ancient secrets. 
The landscape of the country contains many secrets of the past and also reveals thousands of ancient sites and monuments, with many left intact as they once were millennia earlier. Ireland’s ancient past is ri…

CULTURE: Revisiting Día Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Post 185. 
November is the month for remembering the dead and the month that signals the beginning of winter following the ancient festival of Samhain celebrated in the northern hemisphere on the 31st of October. I am reposting the following guest post by MikeH, informing us on the ancient customs and practices carried out in Mexico during this time of year. 

Guest Post by MikeH Originally written in 2015
Although many things have been said and written about Dia de los Muertos, my goal of this article is to share with you some key facts about this ancient three-day colourful celebration that runs from October 31st to November 2nd. It is an integral part of Mexican identity and culture. 
For me this celebration is all about keeping our ancestors’ memories and allowing them to remain alive with us. Even though Día de los Muertos was not as exciting for me as Christmas or the day of the Three Wise Men, I appreciated as a child growing up, being able to learn about our ancient customs, at…