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HIST & MYTH: Stories of the Tuatha Dé Danann

Post 176. 

Guest Post by Gabriel Woods
The Tuatha Dé Danann were the Gods of ancient Ireland before the Celts arrived. These Gods form the creation myth of Ireland. They were born through the goddess Danu. There was a god for every aspect of the world. The Tuatha Dé Danann were believed to have shaped the land of the island of Ireland. In ancient Irish folklore they interacted with the very first settlers to live in Ireland, the Neolithic people. The gods created the forests, dug deep into the mountains to form valleys, guided rainwater to form lakes and the water to flow to the sea. There were also a destructive group of gods that challenged the Tuatha Dé Danann, called the Fomoire. The Fomoire caused death and destruction. The destructive gods were needed to make way for the creative gods of growth. In that way destruction was just the other side of creation. 

The Tuatha Dé Danann were often depicted as hedonistic lovers of life. There was one important goddess of poetry and stories …

LITERATURE: Mondays Book Talk

Post 175. Written by Ben Kesp 

The Gemini Effectby Chuck Grossart
Chuck Grossart is a retired United States Air Force officer has completed a 20 year USAF career along with having written numerous books including The Gemini Effect. The Gemini Effect could be classed as fantasy in addition to being a military sci-fi. This is one I read on kindle and I must say that it pulled me in right from the beginning. 

The story is set in the United States of America and follows the exposure of a genetic research chemical designed during World War II on the local population of rats that transform into unstoppable beasts infecting humans and other wildlife. Bio warfare specialist Carolyn Ridenour is ordered to investigate a possible solution to the crises along with Colonel General Hoffman who develops a likeness to his new associate. While the country is being ravaged and eaten alive, the movement of the beasts are so fast that America begins to lose city after city in the zombie path of destruc…

HIST & MYTH: Aengus - God of Love, Youth & Poetry

Post 174. Written by Ben Kesp 

Aengus is a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann and the God of Love, Youth and Poetry. Even though Aengus is not seen as a god of great power, someone to be fearful of like Lugh, Dagda or the Morrígan, he would certainly be ranked high among the gods, being the son of Dagda, Earth God and the father of the gods. His home is associated with Newgrange on the Boyne Valley – this he tricked from his father. When the great Dagda was sharing out his possessions among his legitimate children, there was nothing left for Aengus so he asked his father if he could stay for “a day and a night” at Newgrange. This phrase “a day and a night” literally means “day and night” so Aengus made his father’s home his permanently. 
Aengus’s birth came about following an affair between Dagda and Boann, goddess of the River Boyne and the wife of Nectan, whose cult following may have been replaced later by Nuada, King of the Dannan or Nuada the “Silver Arm”. To hide his infidelity,…

LITERATURE: Mondays Book Talk

Post 173. Guest Talk by MikeH

The Last Catoby Matilde Asensi
Specialized in historical thrillers and author of various best-sellers, Matilde Asensi is a Spanish journalist and writer. Her books, of an indubitable quality and historical documentation, have been translated into 15 languages. Asensi started her writing career in 1999 and since has published various books. Always passionate about history, I have decided to dedicate this review to The Last Cato, a thriller that I personally enjoyed. The story behind this dynamic and well-researched book resonated with me.

Published in Spanish in 2001, this novel combines elements of medieval mystery drama, gothic thriller, fantasy and also classic travel literature. It is not surprising at all why this thriller became a best-seller almost immediately. The English translation was made available in 2007 and the same year it won the International Latino Award in the category ‘Best Mystery Novel’ and an honour mention for ‘Best Adventure Nove…

LITERATURE: Landed Estate Novel Update

Post 172. Written by Ben Kesp 

The Landed Estate Series has recently been republished as one book named “Landed Estate”. The novel contains the complete 3 e-books of the Landed Estate Series and Author’s Notes. The novel is now available at all major retailers and more information can be found on the Landed Estate page by clicking on the Ben Kesp Website including sample chapters. If you wish to comment and participate on the novel, please click on the Landed Estate Fan Page and follow for information on characters, research notes, the story and more. 

Fiction. Historical Romance Mystery. Novel. 
ISBN 9781370325764 ASIN B01M1DHG5H
Susanna Westby battles with family values, tradition, land and love in this historical mystery romance set in 18th and 19th century Ireland. Family secrets have been kept hidden sparking unresolved family disputes over her home and estate at Point Pleasant, leading to deceit and murder, tangled with the intricate lives of the aristocratic classes.
Secrets - th…

LITERATURE: Mondays Book Talk

Post 171. Guest Talk by Imelda 

Landed Estateby Ben Kesp
A gripping and enthralling read by an author who is really making his mark. The Landed Estate is an eloquently written tale of the landed aristocracy in Ireland. It is an insightful and critically informed view from the Anglo-Irish perspective that demonstrates the land struggles that took place within families. The characters are wholesome and identifiable, passionate and alive - not restricted by stiff upper class clichés and conformities. The prose could sometimes fall victim to this and let the characters down at times but overall this is a thoroughly enjoyable read. The Irish countryside comes alive in a new and refreshing way for contemporary tales of this time and the paradox of peace and tranquillity is wonderfully created against the backdrop of uncertainty, threat and doom for an era almost at an end.

Kesp has the ability to enthral the reader. He has a clear and unique understanding of family values steeped in tradit…

LITERATURE: Friday - Project God Trials

Post 170. Written by Ben Kesp 

Opening Excerpt
Friday: Project God Trials Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series Book 2

Placing the hairbrush on the stand, the overhead fluorescent light reflects in the mirror highlighting her tired face. She is losing count of how many days she has been cooped up in this underground bunker. Tiredness creeps over her. Doubt has been forming all week edging closer to her spoken words. It has been two years since she walked out of Claremont Hospital, and she discovered that shortly after, Dr. Speel had her deregistered, suspending her licence to practise psychiatric care. Elizabeth imagines how he revelled in his deed. Still, she holds no regret in her decision. Her life had reached a cross road, and she chose to believe and follow her patient Jacob Fontain in investigating what he believes is that something is hiding under the waters at Quesser Creek. In addition, her quest is to seek answers for the injustices carried out by Claremont Hospital on patient t…

CULTURE: Ghostly happenings at Vilhena Palace - Malta

Post 169. Guest Post by George Attard

Bio: Retired and happy – a non working stiff!  Living in one of Malta’s oldest cities – Mdina

Who was that!?” said Mario as he came into my office at the Mdina Local Council premises. Earlier in the week I had made arrangements to meet Mario on a Saturday morning to discuss some Council business or other. My desk in the office was placed so that the door to my office was to my right when I am seated at my desk. This door I could just see without having to actually look at it when I am busy writing, if you get my drift. To my left and exactly opposite the office door was a short corridor leading to two bath rooms. This corridor was also in my line of vision. What is this all in aid of, you might well ask. Well, just before Mario made an appearance (do excuse the pun given the main thrust of this narrative), I saw out of the corner of my right eye what I took to be dear Mario entering the office, walk past behind my desk and enter the corridor. All…