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HIST & MYTH: Ireland's Tara

The striking green landscape greets your eyes on arrival at Tara, one of the places in the world that incites interest, intrigue and curiosity. The site is so large that it will never feel crowded allowing you to soak up the ancient and spiritual energy of Tara. 
Located in County Meath, aligned north-south near the River Boyne in Ireland, it is bathed in Irish Mythology and one of Ireland’s historic treasures. Today it still mystifies as to its true purpose and the complete story of Tara remains untold. Archaeologists have said the secrets of Tara are not the landscape that is seen today, but what lies beneath it. 
Most famously known as the coronation site for pre Christian kings of Ireland or high kings up to the sixth century, it was also the capital and spiritual centre for the Tuatha Dé Danann, the ancient divine race that dwelled in Ireland prior to the arrival of the Celts. Tuatha Dé Danann are the old Irish gods that walked the lands of ancient Ireland, described as a race th…