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LITERATURE: Chance Encounter

Written by Ben Kesp 

Copyright © 2013 Ben Kesp

Her heels pound on the tiles, striding across the airport departures floor with her suitcase rolling behind.  Her heart races giving the feeling of rising blood pressure setting on a severe headache.  She curses the taxi driver for almost making her late for check in.  She throws her bag onto the carrier belt, glaring at the desk attendant. Tapping her fingers on the desk, she waits for her luggage to be checked in.  She grabs her passport as it is handed back to her, stepping back from the desk.  Exhaling a deep breath, her eyes scan the view around London Heathrow Airport.  She hates the airport and the time she will lose waiting for her flight to depart. Strolling to a nearby book shop, she browses some of the latest titles.  Her mind will not settle.  There is too much to do and she needs to be in Dublin.   ## George lifts the cup to his mouth, his lips feeling the hot liquid.  Closing his eyes, he savours the hot English tea swirling, a…

LITERATURE: Horror Writers Association – Bram Stoker Awards

Written by Ben Kesp

I know I am a little late on posting this one as the 2013 Bram Stoker Awards were held together with the 2013 World Horror Convention in June at New Orleans. However I feel it is worth noting them. On its inception in 1987 the Horror Writers Association set up the Bram Stoker Awards. These awards are for supreme achievement in dark fantasy and horror writing. They are named after the Irish horror writer Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker’s most famous work is of course his 1897 novel Dracula which is an inspiration to the horror genre spinning off many books, films and television programmes. You can read more about Stoker’s life on my much earlier blog post here: Bram Stoker

If horror is your genre get writing for the next award ceremony. For more information on the event, the categories and winners check out:

Horror Writers Association Blog Bram Stoker Awards Weekend
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HIST & MYTH: The Knights of St. John – Malta

Written by Ben Kesp

One cannot visit Malta with out hearing about the Knights of Malta. They transformed the island from what they called “a barren rock” into a power base in the middle of the Mediterranean Ocean during the 16th to 18th centuries. 
The Knights Hospitaller rose as a group in a district of Jerusalem associated with a hospital dedicated to St. John the Baptist. In the year 1099 the group became a religious and military organisation under their own charter. The Hospitallers and the Knights Templar became a powerful force in the Holy Land fighting for Christians against the Muslims. However the time for the Hospitallers in the Holy Land was to end with the rise of Islam and they were expelled from Jerusalem. The organisation selected Rhodes (Greece) as their new home and it formed part of the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire). In the year 1312 Pope Clement V dissolved the Knights Templar and had their property turned over to the Hospitallers. 
The Hospitallers wit…

CULTURE: Battle of Clontarf /Brian Ború - 1000 Years On

Written by Ben Kesp
2014 will see the 1000 year anniversary of the mighty battle that took place in Clontarf north of Dublin city in 1014AD. I won’t go into detail on the battle as you may read about it under my two posts on King Brian Ború, High King of Ireland found on this blog. [Brian Ború - Part I & Brian Ború - Part II] Brian Ború of course is central to the Battle of Clontarf and 2014 will also see events and activities celebrating the man, his life and achievements. For a brief period in history he successfully aligned the ruling royal families of the regional kingdoms to create a unitary state, while restoring the monasteries and libraries that had been plundered during the Norse attacks. The O’Brien Family Dynasty, descendants of Brian Ború and the Dalcassians are currently in the progress of organising events for the year. More information on what is planned can be found at the following O’Brien Family website: 
O'Brien Family Website
In addition according to the I…


Written by Ben Kesp 
I have taken a break from the writing this past week as I have been eager to do some sketching. Some of my newer works since I arrived in Malta called the “Hag”, “Lady” and “Baroness”. I also attempted my first ever landscape! I normally shy away from these however I challenged my self and I am quite happy with the result. I may even do a few more. The medium I use is pencil and charcoal mixed with pastels to add some colour.
2015 Blog Post Update:  The Art View Blog is no longer in use and the new Arts Moment Gallery has now opened and is available through the Ben Kesp Website.  

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Written by Ben Kesp
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My Book Page
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