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HIST & MYTH: The Irish Celtic Church

The Irish Christian Celtic Church was a prosperous and independent church that spread Christianity across a dark Europe while producing incredible works of art and battled against the powerful Church of Rome. The church flourished from the 5th to 12th centuries and did not follow the structure and influence of Rome. 
How did the church develop? here is where the debate rages, however many of the facts point to the development of Irish Monasticism as Egyptian Coptic and not Roman, blending and developing over time intertwining with its former Celtic Culture. The Irish Monastic Movement became known across Europe for its simplicity of life, scholarly pursuits, artistic expression, deep spirituality and love of nature.   

Ireland had not been part of the Roman Empire and the church developed after Christianity spread to its shores and Irish monasticism developed on Coptic lines becoming uniquely Irish Celtic in its practices. Once the Roman Empire fell Christianity was lost from most of th…