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LITERATURE: Friday (E-Book) Excerpt

Written by Ben Kesp

Placing his hands on the hot green railings, the temperatures soar to thirty-five degrees Celsius. The warm breeze brushes his face. From his high view point, he casts his eyes across the bay to the distant white cliff face. Large cargo ships sail by. A young couple brings his attention to the beach on his right. Summer tourists. The girl is standing on the sand and her partner is in the water. He is trying to encourage her to get in. She refuses. After several attempts, she gives up and returns to her sun lounge much to the disappointment of her partner. A sea gull’s screech draws his eyes away from the couple on the beach, upwards to the bird soaring high searching for a morsel of food. Returning to his task, he pulls himself upwards on to the hot railing steadying himself. He peers downwards, and his eyes rest on the bed of rock below. 

One final check to ensure that the climbing harness is securely fastened, he releases his feet from the railing and a…