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LITERATURE: New E-Book - "Secrets"

Written by Ben Kesp

September 1787, Susanna Westby is left with the responsibility of Point Pleasant Estate and three young sons following her husband’s death. Shortly afterwards, she finds herself in battle with her brother over the estate that is rightfully her sons’. Family secrets have been kept hidden as to her brother’s true motives, tangled with the intricate lives of the aristocratic classes in 18th century Ireland. 

“Secrets” is based on an original book draft I wrote in 2004 under a different name following the passage of time of three Anglo Irish Families in Ireland beginning in the 18th century through to the 20th century. In 2013 I rewrote and restructured the original book, focussing on the character of Susanna Westby, who plays a central role in one of the original families. The time period for the new book covers 1787 to 1788. 

I really enjoyed writing her character and becoming one with her, seeing her grow and be moulded into a new person brought on by the numerous …

LITERATURE: Writing Styles - Use of Language

Written by Ben Kesp

I would like to share some of my thoughts on language used in writing styles which I believe is something truly unique to you as a writer and one that you develop in your own way. Each time you pick up a book to read, you are allowing your imagination to enter or create, a whole new world following or living, through the eyes of the characters. Your mind is creating an image of what is behind the words so therefore it is not the words you want to draw the attention of the reader to, but the imagery. 

When I teach my students business writing and presentation skills there are a couple of pointers that are important which I believe can be applied to the language used in different writing styles: 
(Descriptive, Expository, Narrative & Persuasive) 
ABC – Accuracy, Brevity & Clarity Accuracy: Ensure the content, grammar, punctation, spelling and overall structure is correct and accurate.  Brevity: Keep it short within reason and avoid overly long passages that the…