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LITERATURE: Ireland's Ancient Gods

Written by Ben Kesp

Book Excerpts. 
Welcome to the first book in the History & Myth Series in which I hope to explore some of the vast regions of Irish Mythology and History while entertaining you with stories of warriors, kings, queens and mythical creatures from a mysterious and ancient land that sits off the North Western edge of Europe. Ireland is a country steeped in myth and legends, and too often, the lines between the realms of the spiritual and the world of the living converge. The very nature of the climate adds to the mysteriousness of the country influenced heavily by the Atlantic air system often hiding parts of the country in heavy fog and mist as if Manannán mac Lir, the Sea God himself was using his magic to hide Ireland under his spell of invisibility. 

Irish Mythology is complex with a vast amount of literature that by its contradictory nature only creates confusion providing a difficult task in researching. Irish myth is unusual in comparison to other myths as it h…

LITERATURE: Inheritance – Read It Today!

Written by Ben Kesp

Part II of the Landed Estate Series - Inheritance is now available to read at all major retailers. Follow Susanna Westby as she once more finds herself in emotional turmoil having to deal with family conflicts over Point Pleasant Estate instigated by her husband’s sister and unresolved personal issues. Set in 1805, the marriages of her two eldest sons provoke family disputes, deceit, love, and murder. 

The Landed Estate Series is a novel broken into three parts covering a period of forty years between 1787 and 1827 focussing on the life of Susanna Westby, an Irish aristocrat in 18th and 19th century Ireland. Part I called Secrets finds Susanna Westby is left with the guardianship of Point Pleasant Estate following the mysterious death of her husband in 1787. Her three sons are to inherit the estate on their marriages. Shortly after her husband’s death, Susanna finds herself battling her brother over the estate. Certain family secrets have been kept hidden as to …